Wednesday Feb 22, 2017 07:46:29 PM GMT
Orion Tournaments Tip:

Practice, practice, practice - the more times you enter the tournament, the better you'll get at answering the questions.        

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Win huge cash prizes by answering trivia questions!!   How It Works    FAQ

Have you ever wished you could appear on a TV quiz show and walk away with a bundle of money?  Here’s your chance.  It’s not a TV show, but just by answering trivia questions, you could win more money than anyone has ever won on a TV quiz show.  The good news is that you can use the internet, get help from friends or call in any expert you want to answer the questions.

Hey check out this prize money chart! This shows the amount of money you can win by progressing to each level. How do you progress through the levels? Click on "How it Works" to find out. Also dont forget to check out our "FAQ".
Orion Tournaments Payout Schedule Based on a $1 entry fee.

  * There is no limit to the number of levels.
The prize money approximately doubles at each higher level.

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